Glass manufacturing, QC and Warehouse

The factory in Delft contains an in house Glass blowing and Glass manufacturing area. Quartz and borosilicate parts, used for example in the ECS 1200 & 3000 series, are still manufactured by the same team of glass engineers that worked with our R&D department during the designing stage of these parts. They truly know all relevant ins & outs in order to get the part up to its design specification.

“This experience contributes to the quality of the products which is one of the highest in the industry.”

In addition, we work with several partner companies to provide a complete inventory of application-specific glassware for our current and historical instrument base. TraceElementalParts carries out a complete line of laboratory glassware for all instruments once manufactured here in Delft. On request, we can easily modify or customize any of our standard products to fit your specific application requirements.

The QC extensively tests the products at our on-site laboratory in order to comply with the highest quality standard. The warehouse provides storage and ensures that everything is packed safe and rapidly in order to deliver the products to your company according planning and in good condition.

The Glass manufacturing, QC and Warehouse team are ready to supply you with the best products.